New Urban Home Builders, LLC is a boutique, client-focused firm specializing in luxury custom home building and renovations in the West Michigan and lakeshore areas.


Can a new house feel like an old friend? A sanctuary? At New Urban Home Builders, we’re as passionate about our homes as those who live in them. Homes that exude character and charm, and feature exceptional craftsmanship. Homes that fit a family, its life, even its dreams. It’s something those who already own our homes appreciate and, we’re sure, so will you. Even long after the memories of moving boxes have faded.

Our homes possess quality and balance in abundance. And when you experience our impeccable materials and comfortable interior spaces, you’ll know how that’s so. It’s not something you can easily see on a rendering or a blueprint. It’s a feeling — a feeling of knowing a home is right in scale in proportion and comfort. That’s why a New Urban Home Builders home feels… just right.